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Synnika Lofton

"Synnika Lofton is an award winning poet, the president and CEO of Guerrilla Ignition LLC, host of a Nationally Syndicated radio show, and an educator, teaching literature at Chesapeake Bay Academy and English courses at Norfolk State University. Lofton has recorded more than one hundred and fifty CDs, albums, CD-singles, and mixtapes of poetry, including his highly praised debut, The New Breed. He is the author of twelve books and the founder of Riot Speech, a musical genre combining performance poetry with traditional musical forms, such as Rock, Jazz, and Hip Hop. His poems have been published in Experience Reality Magazine, Quay: A Journal of the Arts, UpStreet: A Literary Magazine, and, in 2014, Lofton has been featured in Blind Sided Magazine. He is a regular on Virginian television programs such as The Hampton Roads Show and Chesapeake’s Thinking Out Loud on WCTV. He teaches World Literature, British Literature, and Composition, while touring the country, performing at literary festivals, musical festivals, poetry readings, open mics, concerts, high schools, and colleges."

Marcus Smith

A modern renaissance man, student, Writer/ Contributor for, aspiring Tech Entrepreneur, Social Advocate, and singer/songwriter. Favorite sport team is the Orlando Magic, most hated sport team is the Orlando Magic. Unity, Happinesses, Peace, Prosperity and thanks for the problems set upon me. ?

Lyssa Lou

Name: Allysa Singer aka Lyssa Lou Age: 28 Hometown: Reno, Nevada Currently living: Birmingham, AL I have a Master's degree in I/O Psychology and work in Birmingham, AL creating selection tests that reduce discriminatory hiring practices within civil service. When not working, I focus on my passion - writing. I am a poet and spoken word artist, performing throughout the Southeast.


Healer, advocate, aspiring author and philosopher. Special La'Vonya is an all around Jane of All Trades. At the youthful age of nineteen I birthed a beautiful baby boy unassisted within a bath tub. I discontinued my doctor visits and practiced my own prenatal care five months into pregnancy. I chanted over my womb and trusted my gut. I knew I could give birth to this wild little boy. During the evening of August 17, 2012 I ran my bath water, stripped my clothing and prepared to birth my first child. My son's father supported my birthing adventure so he stood beside me the entire time. My mother and grandmother paniced but I remained calm, breathing deeply with every contraction. Once it was time to give birth, I immediately rushed into the bath, prepared to squat and with just a few spontaneous uncontrollable intense pushes I pushed that baby out into the hands of my son's father. My birth was an absolute success and it is my childbirth and pregnancy journey which inspires my creativity and advocacy till this very day. I advocate for birthing women and mothers as well I advocate for the abused the highly sensitive and gifted, I am a highly sensitive and gifted adult so I understand the struggle and inability to fit within the mold of a hardened society. As a child I was always inquisitive of the varying forms of spirituality and I excelled amazingly in language art and reading comprehension. I spent most of my time reading, daydreaming and analyzing. I was shy painfully at that but nevertheless an intense and well aware little girl. My best years in grade school were the years where creativity is a bare necessity in order for students to learn. After the sixth grade I failed horribly within public schooling. We were forced to spend longer hours underneath a roof, listening to someone speak and no time was spent coloring, painting, drawing or sharing our individual thought process. I felt constrained, anxious most days and I felt bad about my own academic level. Things did not brighten in school for me they only became more difficult. It wasn't until junior year in high school that I was tested to have a learning disability which detailed that I learned 'slower' than most students my age and grade. The embarrassment I felt as an adolescent was beyond words. This embarrassment continued well into young adulthood. I always knew I was 'different' but never understood how I was 'different'. I simply felt then that everyone felt as I did. Who would’ve known people could be so cruel and mean? I experienced domestic violence as a teen which carried on for two or three years. Nineteen was the peak of my development into self-acceptance. Through a whirlwind of chaos around me, I had visions that left me sleepless and within the vibration of love. Words can least describe the epiphany I endured, but to state the lease I unraveled the ball of confusion that so many struggled to comb. It was the confusion of image our self-image. I was transitioning into my authentic self which is a long and hard journey that I still travel. Being within a society of people whom despise those that are true which acquires an extremely adequate amount of strength and integrity, it can become hard to remain on this road. Yet someone has got to do the work, I have chosen to fulfill my purpose. I have many ideas in mind for future endeavors a few that are much needed some pertaining to childbirth while others pertaining to self-esteem and understanding gifted adult and children. I spend my time designing my own jewelry, painting, writing poetry, storytelling, traveling and dreaming. Eventually these gifts I will share with the world. In sharing my story do I intend to ignite the light bulb within others and tickle their inner child, I keep in mind I am never too grown but only a babe whose room requires feng shui and cleansing daily.