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Underwater park in Granada has new statue Nutmeg Princess



The Nutmeg Princess statue has been added to Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park at Moliniere Bay, just north of the capital of St. George’s on the southwest coast of the island.

The 11-foot-tall statue joins 100 sculptures at the park that opened in 2007 and serves as an artificial reef that forms a substrata for the growth of marine life.

The statues are strategically placed within a marine protected area, but are visible to snorkelers, divers and those viewing from a glass-bottom boat.

The Nutmeg Princess depicts Grenada’s first fairy tale princess emerging from a large nutmeg pod and reaching to the heavens with a handful of the spice Grenada is known for.

The sculpture was inspired by the 1992 book “The Nutmeg Princess” by Grenadian author and playwright Richardo Keens-Douglas and designed by artist Lene Kilde.

In the story, the princess is a positive character who represented the land and who lived by her motto, “If you believe in yourself, all things are possible.”

It should be noted that the diver and artist-sculptor who creates these eco-encouraging art pieces (and is doing amazing things to battle our rapidly disappearing coral reef systems around the world), is specifically attuned to both the historical and the folkloric aspects of “Spice Isle’, in fact, he calls those topics a ‘passion’:

Known as Caribbean’s ‘Spice Isle’, Grenada has much to offer its visitors, especially seagoing tourists, from amazing forest reserves to picturesque waterfalls to a vast array of gorgeous white sandy beaches to name but a few. But what draws more and more visitors from every part of the globe year after year is the stunning-and-unique-of-its-kind Underwater Sculpture Park –the newest attraction of the island’s beautiful shallow waters, based on the original sculptures of the famous British sculptor and diver Jason De Caires Taylor, who has a special passion for creating fantastic pieces of work showcasing Grenada’s history and folklore. (Travelvivi)


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