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Tabitha Salomon got her MBA at Harvard now works as a Global Strategist for Samsung


Tabitha = Global Leader. Results Driver. Relationship Builder. Passionate about improving efficiency and strategic partnerships.

As a Global Strategist for Samsung, I provide corporate strategy advice to c-level executives across consumer electronics, focused on market entry, process efficiency, new business development, and partnerships in markets across the world. In this role, I work closely with cross functional teams using big data insights to identify areas of opportunities, devise action plan and/or implement changes.

My experience at Johnson & Johnson highlight my ability to drive results. I successfully devised and executed strategic plans, winning “Rookie of the Year,” “Best of the Best,” and #1 sales person nationally out of 250 representatives. During my time as Head of Business Development for Beauty Motive, I help build an organization from the ground up. From hiring staff, creating sales processes, and integrating CRM systems, these responsibilities help me grow as a business leader.

During HBS, my team and I built an online platform that allowed Indian singles to create a biodata (resume for marriage). I was responsible for optimizing SEO, Google analytics and conversion funnel. Within one month, we had over 1,400 unique visitors to We finished 1st place in section start-up competition and 3rd place campus-wide out of 100+ start-ups.

During my free time, I enjoy global travel, running races, and karaoke.


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