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Sandra Bland, Silencing One Of Our Black Queens



Sandra Bland in my opinion was silenced because of being an outspoken, young, unapologetically strong black woman. There are so many holes in this case.. From missing video and audio so many rumors circulating but, one thing for sure is she didn’t commit suicide. What happened was a homicide. How does being pulled over for a traffic infraction lead to this? Simple… Some of these white folk can’t handle a strong black man or woman for that matter!! For years they have been hell bent on demeaning, emasculating, or killing the black race.. Even to where we have been killed for our organs. Also let’s not forget we have a lot of undercover klansmen hiding behind badges. They are politicians they have infiltrated every nook and cranny. With all these shootings and jail killings. It definitely puts me on edge. So there for we as blacks need to arm ourselves, learn to strategize, buy black, own banks, own schools, hospitals, support each other soon we will see the changes.. But, until we do that some of these racist white folks will never see that their screwed up actions are wrong. I don’t want to bash our race but, we’ve got to stand together and take action. Sandra Bland could definitely be me or any other woman of color for that matter. Although we are definitely dealing with a system that was not designed for us. I still feel like we need more black people in the police force or high political positions not the Sambo tap dancing, yes master coon uncle Tom type though. The type of individuals that are really willing to take a stand and use their positions for good!! Be the black communities voice. And not be used as a puppet. We are such a strong race that’s why we are persecuted but, some of us are still mentally enslaved.. It’s time to break the chains of slavery mentally and change things for our future generations. We are bring singled out and hunted. It’s time we take a real

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