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Police in Norway Haven’t Killed Anyone in Decades


With police murdering people on a daily basis in the United States, it is interesting to see that police in other countries haven’t killed anyone in years. In Norway, for example, the police haven’t killed anyone in nearly a decade. According to a recent report conducted by the country’s government, police in Norway have been far less likely to draw their weapons on suspects, and they are even less likely to actually shoot. In fact, the report found that Norway’s police only fired their guns in two situations last year, neither case resulting in a fatality.

There are many differences in culture and policy that contribute to the lower occurrence of police murders in Norway, but one obvious factor is that police in Norway rarely actually have their guns on them. While it is truly every human’s right to own and carry tools of self-defense like guns, it does seem that preventing police from having guns in most situations will allow them to resolve a conflict without escalating it.

In the US, police are trained to shoot first and ask questions later and are programmed to think that every civilian is a potential criminal or attacker. However, this type of mentality is counter-productive, and is not at all necessary. There are other solutions possible that don’t involve immediate violence.


United States
Crime levels 29.93
Ranked 69th.
Ranked 30th. 87% more than Norway
Fear of crime > Feels safe walking alone > At night 66.56
Ranked 24th. 59% more than United States
Ranked 60th.
Justice system > Punishment > Capital punishment (last execution year) 1,948
Ranked 25th.
Ranked 1st. 3% more than Norway



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