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Officer’s response to distraught driver who just learned of sister’s death goes viral


A woman driving from Louisville to Clarksville, Tennessee received terrible family news over the phone.

Her sister had just died.

A distraught Barbie Henderson immediately turned her car around to head back to her family’s home.

That’s when an officer from the Hillview Police Department stopped her.

Henderson’s sister, Shonda Barlow Garner, sent a message and photo to the Hillview Police Department describing what took place next.

Garner thanked Officer Nissen for showing compassion, saying that he listened to her sister explain why she was so upset and wiped away tears from her face. He encouraged her to drink water because it was extremely hot outside. The officer spoke to Henderson’s family members when they called to check on her status.

When Garner arrived, the officer was sitting next to Henderson, consoling her.

While Garner acknowledges that there have been negative incidents involving police officers throughout the country, she said her local police department cares and she appreciates them.

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