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Officer Tensing was caught on video last year harassing two young black males. (Full Video)


Officer Tensing was caught on video last year by two young African American men who he pulled over and harassed.

Tensing, 25, can be seen in the video arguing with the men, and violating their rights. That’s why they decided to record the illegal traffic stop, to document the encounter and protect themselves from the aggressive cop who is not being charged with the murder of Sam DuBose. In the video, Tensing argues with the men over their IDs and whether or not he has the right to detain them. Before long, however, a supervisor intervenes – acknowledging the illegality of the stop – and lets the men go.


Demetrius Pace uploaded the video. He was the passenger in the vehicle in the video.

Pace, 27, was a UC alum, he told BuzzFeed News that his cousin – the driver – had been pulled over for “having a cracked bumper.”

This, of course, is not against the law.

Pace said that during the traffic stop, Tensing was “aggressive” and used “bullying tactics” against them.

Pace and his cousin, Sexton Henley, recognized the Tensing after the DuBose shooting and decided to go public with their year-old footage.

They noticed a pattern of spurious traffic stops with Tensing, and they’re suggesting that he looked for ridiculous pretexts to pull over motorists to harass if he didn’t like the way they looked.

In the May 2014 incident with Pace and Henley, Pace explains that Tensing, “opened my door like he did in the video of Sam.”

“I’m 100% sure it was Tensing who pulled us over,” Pace explained. From the video, it seems clear that he is right.

Pace said that Tensing grabbed his door handle, just like he did with DuBose, and pulled the door open. He of course did not have the right to do this.

“We know that the law says the passenger doesn’t have to provide his information,” Pace explained. He is right. “Tensing was mad because I wasn’t doing what he was telling me to do.”

Tensing tells Pace to “step out of the car” throughout the video, even though he had no legal reason to issue this order. Tensing suggested that Pace refused to identify himself “because you have a warrant or something.”

That sounds a lot like what he said to DuBose when he told Tensing that he had left his ID at home, right down the street.

Pace said that Tensing seemed to be itching to draw and fire his weapon.“He said to me ‘stop moving around,’” Pace recalled. “What could I possibly do with my phone in one hand and another on my lap. I then stated, ‘you’re the one with the gun I’m not the threat.’”

Pace believes that if he would have exited the vehicle, “I’m sure he would have killed me.”



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