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Nick Gordon may be charged in death of Bobbi Kristina Brown


The longtime boyfriend of Bobbi Kristina Brown could soon be charged in her death.

A grand jury in Georgia is being convened to consider charging Nick Gordon with the July 26 death of the 22-year-old only daughter of singer Whitney Houston, Us Weekly is reporting.

Gordon is expected to receive criminal charges “very soon,” according to the magazine’s source.

The grand jury is likely pursuing findings of Brown’s autopsy, which was completed last month, but not released to the public. The medical examiner said only that the findings of the autopsy would be turned over to law enforcement officials.

It is unclear if the medical examiner declared the death of Brown a homicide.

But this much is known: Gordon reportedly found Brown face down and unresponsive in a bathtub in her Georgia home on Jan. 31. She remained in a coma for six months before dying in a hospice.


Many in Brown’s family believe Gordon was responsible for Brown’s death. He was barred from her funeral by the family, who also hit him with a wrongful death suit in August, claiming he knocked her out with a “toxic cocktail” and left her for dead in a tub of cold water.

“We believe we know who harmed Bobbi Kristina Brown, and his name is Nick Gordon,” Christopher Brown, the lawyer for Bobbi Kristina’s father, Bobby Brown, told The News.

Gordon’s attorneys have maintained his innocence throughout, calling the civil suit “slanderous and meritless.”

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Gordon reportedly said he’d never get a fair trial since the Brown family has painted him as a “murderer, a habitual batterer of women, a seducer of young white females, a thief and/or con man fueled by monetary gain and a chemist capable of making a toxic cocktail.”


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