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Mistrial in the Shooting Death of Jonathan Ferrell

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Jonathan Ferrell’s mother and brother sat down exclusively for a one-on-one with NBC Charlotte reporter Michelle Boudin Friday night, just hours after the jury announced they could not reach a verdict in the case of the CMPD police officer charged with killing the former FAMU football player.

They are calling for peace, asking the people of Charlotte not to protest violently. And they are demanding a retrial, saying this hung jury was not justice for Jonathan.

This was not the outcome they’d hoped for. “We are going to fight for a retrial,” Georgia Ferrell told us.

Jonathan Ferrell’s mother– and the brother that looks so much like him people still mistakenly call him Jonathan– both say they can’t understand the jury’s inability to reach a verdict.

“What do you think happened in the jury room that they couldn’t come to a decision?”

“They didn’t use their common sense and second of all it wasn’t their son,” Georgia says.

These last few weeks sitting through the trial they say was unbelievably difficult for Georgia.

Georgia gets angry when talking about the man charged with killing her son.

“Officer Kerrick don’t talk to me, speak to me, he don’t even look my way. That let me know that he know he was wrong, he know that I know he was wrong. Makes me see he’s guilty, he’s guilty as sin.” “We pray for him and he won’t make eye contact with our family. No one in his family will make eye contact with us,” said Willie.

That’s why they say they are not giving up.

“I’m still in the fight, seeking justice, trying to comfort my family,” Willie told us.

He says the mistrial was not justice for Jonathan.

“A man is walking around free and we are still hurting.”

“What would justice be? A conviction,” Georgia said.

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