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Minister Raymond Scott, President of FIGHT [1971-1976] and Civil Right Activist



Minister Raymond Scott, a native of Buffalo, New York, attended Harding University, a church-related school in Searcy, Arkansas, in preparation for the ministry. Upon graduation, he moved to Rochester, married Rochester native Maxine Hill, and became involved in the civil rights movement through his friendship with Minister Franklin Florence, who was then serving as the first president of FIGHT. Mr. Scott worked with Minister Florence at the Reynolds Street Church of Christ; he served as a community organizer and later became director of Hanover Houses’ Ministry, which was sponsored by the Rochester Area Council of Churches.

When Bernard Gifford was elected as the president of FIGHT in 1969, Minister Scott was chosen as vice-president; he took over as president in April 1971 when Mr. Gifford left Rochester. Also in 1971 Minister Scott was one of five outsiders called to meet with Attica Prison inmates in an effort to ease tensions during the riot.

Mr. Scott continued to serve as FIGHT president until 1976 and subsequently held various positions in the community, including that of Commissioner on the Rochester Housing Authority Board and the President of the Rochester sub-region of the NY State Northern Region Black Political Caucus.   For many years, he served as director of the DePaul (formerly The Health Association) Problem Gamblers Treatment Program in Rochester. He continues to be an activist and organizer in the Rochester community. In 2014, Minister Scott served on the leadership group for Unite Rochester: Justice, a community-wide, long-term effort to raise awareness of racial inequities and to engage in problem-solving toward effective positive change.



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