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Major United States city Detroit now has a 1 ton statue of satan


A major United States city (Detroit) now has a 1 ton statue of satan on public display and it is protected by the government of that city and protected by the constitution of the Federal Government of the United States of America.

All those times I and others preached till we were blue in the face about this being a secular nation founded on satanic Freemason principles and documents that protected satanism and all kinds of others evils and none of you wanted to listen.

We told you that the Name of Jesus Christ was nowhere to be seen in any founding document.

You called us terrorists, you called us trash, you called us traitors, you called us cowards, and you called us many other things while calling yourselves “Christians” because we exposed your disgusting, antichrist idol of Nationalism for what it was.

We warned you that the constitution was a secular document carefully crafted by men who secretly worshiped lucifer (satan) as “god” and inserted very subtle protections for all the evils you see happening now. Christian prayers and the Bible removed from public schools and public venues, the founding of the church of satan in San Francisco in 1966, sodomy now the law of the land, and now a statue of satan on public display in a major American city.

We warned you that all of this was by original design, we warned you that the “god” referenced in the founding documents and on wicked money was satan. We told you that Freemasons orchestrated every war and we told you that Oklahoma City and 9/11 were acts of terror carried out by the CIA and Israeli MOSSAD in order to bring about more totalitarian controls, removals of freedoms, and to make way for a new era of global power and empire structuring, but still, you didn’t listen.Hopefully now, by the Sovereign Will and Grace of GOD Almighty, you will listen and you will see what is going on.

!.....The Power Is In You.....!

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