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Maggie Anderson – My year in the black community looking for black owners (video)

maggie anderson

Poet Maggie Anderson was born in New York City, September 23, 1948. She spent her early years growing up in the city. Her parents, both teachers, took the young girl to libraries, museums, and theaters—exposing her to the rich culture the city could offer. They filled their home with books and art. When Maggie was thirteen, her family moved from New York to West Virginia. Anderson’s new home was far more isolated than her old one, both geographically and culturally. She continued to explore, to discover, and to learn, but now she studied the natural rather than the man-made—the world around her and the plants and animals that made it up.

She attended West Virginia Wesleyan College for 2 years (1966-68), before transferring to West Virginia University. She completed an A. B. in 1970, an M. A. in 1973, and a M. S. W. in 1977. She spent time as a teacher at the West Virginia Rehabilitation Center, teaching adult creative writing classes. She also spent 2 years working as a rehabilitation councilor for the blind. Anderson then spent a year as a research writer for the Research and Training at West Virginia University.

Since 1977, Maggie Anderson has concentrated on her writing. She spent 3 years (1977-80) as a poet-in-residence for the Marshall County (WV) schools as well as co-founding and editing the literary journal Trellis with Irene McKinney and Winston Fuller. She has also been a teacher and writer-in-residence at numerous other schools and institutions, including the University of Oregon, the University of Pittsburgh, and Hamilton College. She has published five poetry collections—Cold Comfort, The Great Horned Owl, A Space Filled with Moving, Years that Answer, and Windfall. In addition, she co-edited A Gathering of Poets with Alex Gidzen and edited and wrote the introduction to Louise McNeill’s Hill Daughter: New and Selected Poems. Maggie Anderson lives and works in Glen Easton, West Virginia.


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