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List of Black Farmers 2015


Supporting structural racism shouldn’t be organic, even if your kale is.

The Whole Foods Harbor East has since deleted their posts on Instagram and Twitter, but thankfully the internet never forgets, and neither will we. Where and what we consume matters. Remember the Black Friday Boycott of 2014? In comparison to 2013, sales had dropped by 11 percent, or roughly $7 billion. Let’s continue to make sure our money goes to our community when it comes to our produce.

take this time to remember and support your local Black Farmers:



  1. Five Seeds Farms
  2. Tha Flower Factory
  3. The Greener Garden



  1. Boxcar Grocer
  2. Patchwork City Farms
  3. Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Ag


  1. Healthy Food Hub
  2. Trinity United Church of Christ Farmers Market (Summer)
  3. Your Bountiful Harvest Family Farm



  1. Chateau Hough Vineyard
  2. Rid-All Green Partnership


  1. Afroculinaria
  2. Community Farming Alliance
  3. Good Sense Farm
  4. Three Part Harmony


!.....The Power Is In You.....!

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