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Know Your Roots And Love Your Melanin


poetic justice or shall I say a system built on laws just to fuck us!! In a world where white ppl think that racism doesn’t exist. But, yet and still they have Klans man who behave as terrorist.. Confuse us with their lies that they tell. But, hey fuck it!! They try it because some of us don’t know our history too well. Some of us still believe in white jesus.. Yea that guy who is supposed to condemn us all to hell! Oh well I know I’m being vulgar but, sometimes we’ve got to touch souls to reach our culture. Sometimes we’ve got to speak the truth to get to the root of the deeper issues. If I actually sat and spoke all that was on my mind.. Some of you would need tissue because some of you negropeans have some real self hate issues. It’s time to truly support one another. Really treat each other as if we are brothers and sisters. Why can’t we stand behind each other like a black preacher stands behind his scriptures. From young we’re given pictures of how they portray life to be.. It’s sad some are so lost that they still can’t see that some white folks are so full of hypocrisy.. They want us to be who they see fit for us to be. Meanwhile white girls out here getting shots to grow our booties hmmm they want to exterminate us but, yet they desire to be who we are.. Hmmm food for thought stop hating what they so love… Which is our own melanin brothers and sisters stop being negropeans!! Let’s start loving the skin we’re in!!! 

Author: S. luv


!.....The Power Is In You.....!

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