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Don’t Grab Trump By Your Vote.


              This without argument is the most polarizing election my generation has ever been apart of, mirroring late night satire television. Simply due to the fact, one of the candidates does have a relationship with prime time television which make this election even more amazing. America is truly being America; Trump a riches to more riches story of a celebrity businessman with an undeniable ability to alienate, divide, inspire (for all the wrong reasons) and instill fear into those whom he may deem aren’t great for this country. Trump’s election campaign encompasses America’s main romantic characteristic “anyone can be anything” with the right amount of cash of course, yet somehow vindicated from a lot of the repercussions a majority of Americans deal with once tax envision is discovered amid sexual assault allegations and cringe worthy comments. If this were any other celebrity particularly a black one, let alone a politician, there would be an onslaught of demonizing and demeaning publications plastered all over the media, with a massive fall out of public support.

               Careers have been put on pause and never really fully recovered such as in Wesley Snipe’s case for not paying taxes on movie checks vs Trump’s more than a decade of avoiding taxes, jail time, womanizing, establishing a successful reality career and bragging all about it while running for President. We, as a country need to hold Trump to the same standard or we risk even furthering cementing the blatant double standards regarding race and class in America. We deserve someone with knowledge within the confines they’re actually working in, someone with the right mindset to keep their temper when they can’t grab life in the manner in which they would like to. I’m not saying to vote for Trump’s opposition, but I’m definitely saying not to vote for Trump. We deserve much better.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”


!.....The Power Is In You.....!

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