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Breath (Spoken Words)


Inadequacy has to be the worst feeling ever felt

I thought it was failure, but you learn from a misstep.

They say ignorance is bliss, I don’t really know.

I’ve been staring blindly at life my eyes should have been closed.

Now I’m madder than ever, gotta be greater than better.

4 times the pressure just to be twice as clever.

And if you wear a hoodie they hate us

Gotta wear a suit so they pay us

Gotta play for a team just to praise us

They lift us up then degrade us.

I swear they love to debate us.

How come love is on an all-time hiatus?

People are far too relax, once I heard that verdict I had no idea how to react.

First thing to come to mind was “George bush doesn’t care about blacks”

So I grabbed my mortar and match thinking the streets had my back.

But all I saw was the streets at my back.

The bay thousand miles away, had my rage on display.

Hell yeah, fucking right, we end this injustice today.

Now I know what you say. That violence doesn’t solve anything at the end of the day.

But they can’t even solve crimes, this is all just fair play.

Just take a look at the books, this nation always been shook.

They wanna put us back on a noose, cause we too off the hook.

Sorry but not sorry for treating riots like a party.

Pass the crackers….

I hope you feel this frustration and the passion that I’m after.

Because it seems like we losing right now and I know that we’re winners.

Let’s build and replenish, tie loose ends into new beginnings.

No needs for any master, let’s close the book on that chapter.

Me giving up? Please…

I just ask for the same chance, let a brother breath.

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