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You’ve got to watch some folk that are close to you!! And be sure that they are truly rooting for you. Because you never know who secretly hates you or is out to get you. Ppl pretend well.. Sometimes it’s just really hard to tell. I played naive to this until I really started to focus… There were things my third eye started to notice.. And what I started to see was the ones who hated me the most were the ones closer to me. My mother always told me this but, I just didn’t take heed. I was so deep in my victories.. That I thought friends and family would be happy for me. But, instead it seemed as if they were my enemies.. This hurt my heart this hurt all of me.. The lack of support I was in disbelief!! Although this moment was bittersweet but, some folk just just have a bridge that is burned. And although this changes the dynamics forever.. You live and you learn and that’s what makes you better.




!.....The Power Is In You.....!

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