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5 Steps To Success For black Students Freshman’s


For many young Melanoid men and women around the United States this is the beginning of a new adventure for them. They will be attending college at a higher rate than any time in the history of the United States. While they are attending there are some things that they as students may not understand and will have to encounter them head on with no preparation. For many of our young men and women they are first generation college students and do not have the experience of having a relative or close friend to talk to about the upcoming challenges they are likely to face on college campuses. As Melanoid people we attend more predominantly white institutions than HBCUs (historically black universities) and with that an entire different set of circumstances must be dealt with for Melanoid students. The white supremacists know this and for this reason, Melanoid students will have a hard time navigating through the system of higher education. We here at Melanoid Nation have created a few things for Melanoid students to look for while they are on campus this fall:

1. Beware of causes that do not concern you but want your participation

Groups on college campuses want to recruit Melanoid people for their numbers, but do not want their influence or ideas. The feminist groups, LGBT groups and political groups such as the “young conservatives” are just a few groups that want Melanoid people in numbers but there are little to no resources in these groups for Melanoid people.

2. Steer clear of “Multiculturalism” and “Diversity”

On many predominantly white campuses across the country they have created these terms to show that they are not racist but multiculturalism and diversity simply means any “minority” will receive resources or affirmative action, it is not specific. Gay white men and women fall under “minority” status.

3. Beware of the “Campus Coon”

Yes they’re Melanoid people, but they’re on the “coon train”. They are actually more prevalent on college campuses than you think. Steer clear of them because they are also in black organizations such as fraternities, sororities and in faculty.

4. Seek out mentorship

Try to gain mentorship and networking skills from people who have your best interest. Being that you are a Melanoid student you will be pursued by organizations to represent them and their ideology. Make sure to ask any organization you join or think about joining what are the benefits of you joining and what resources do they have specifically for Melanoid people.

5. Avoid being exploited at ALL costs

Your universities may want you to take pictures to be on the campus brochures to help them promote “diversity” and “inclusion” yet you will notice that they are not practicing what they preach. Make sure that you decline all invitations to do so UNLESS they are in contractual agreement to do something for Melanoid students. They do this with other groups all the time so they’ll DEFINITELY do this to Melanoid people. The University of Wisconsin as caught photo shopping diversity into their brochures, so be careful of the white supremacist tactics when dealing with certain people on campus.


!.....The Power Is In You.....!

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